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We are very grateful for all the applications that have been received for 2023 which involve a wide range of roles. We hope that you are as excited as we are for this year’s British Pageant which is coming very soon. Whilst we are now closed to new applications, you may have been sent to this page to still complete the form to update the information we hold for you. The Application Form is still available for this purpose.

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Role Descriptions


Assistant Stage Managers

This is an opportunity to learn and support the stage management team, which manages the communication and planning of the British Pageant artistic team.

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The British Pageant leadership team are looking for two Assistant Stage Managers.

Deadlines for applications for this role are April 1st.


Bagpipers will perform in costume in the Country Fair prior to each performance and possibly during the Pageant itself.

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Time commitments for this role will vary. Individuals may be available for one performance or several.

Car Park Attendants

We will need car parking attendants to help our visitors park safely and in the correct areas. In many instances, those who direct the parking will  create a first impression for our many guests.

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Attendants will be required throughout the pageant performance periods from early afternoons (when there are matinees) and from late afternoon when there are evening performances. They will finish approximately at midnight once the majority of vehicles have left the car parking areas. Car Park attendants can serve for one day or several. Please provide information on when you will be able to serve. The attendants cannot serve on the same day they are attending the Pageant performance.


The choir appears in the pageant performance each evening though there is some flexibility regarding your commitment to the number of shows in which you participate. There will also be a small number of rehearsals. Learning tracks will be provided.

Costuming – (Design / Making / Wardrobe (fitters)

Costumes are an essential part of telling the story of the early Saints. Costume volunteers will assist with designing, making, sewing, maintaining and repairing costumes.

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The Pageant Sewing Room is a busy place of service, learning and love. The Sewing Room will be open for the week before the Pageant begins plus the two weeks during the Pageant. Hours are to suit, however we need to know when you can commit to serve. Hours are 8am till 12 or 1pm till 5, or an evening session back stage. Or all three if you like!
Ideally, you will have your own Sewing Machine, iron and ironing board.
However there will be many more tasks involving counting, pressing, hand stitching, cutting out and other interesting jobs assigned to the Sewing Room by the Artistic Team.
Whatever your skill level is, bring it along and we will help you raise it. 

Country Fair Volunteers

A ‘Country Fair’ will precede the Pageant nightly showings, beginning at around 6.30pm. Volunteers are needed to run each activity and families are encouraged to participate together. In previous pageants, youth and even primary children have run Country Fair stalls and activities.

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Volunteers will supply and wear a period costume throughout and be responsible for setting up and putting away all equipment provided. Activities will include making souvenir discs, sack races, hoops, horse-shoes, stick pull and craft tents and others. There will also be a range of family history activities (inside), including Family Portrait shoots (inside-dressers required). Folk Band and dancer information is displayed separately. 

This is an excellent opportunity for families and individuals to get involved, with a shorter time commitment. You may apply to serve for as many or as few days as you can.

Country Fair Volunteer dates are: 

Tuesday 2nd August - Saturday 6th August (4-8pm)

Tuesday 9th August - Saturday 13th August (4-8pm)

*Please specify preferred length of service on the application form.

Family Cast

Members of the family cast play a large and vital role. There will be two family casts chosen, each cast will be required to serve at the pageant site for 11 days. The first, Red Cast, will arrive on Wed. 26th July for rehearsals each day until they perform from  2nd – 5th August. The second, Blue Cast, will arrive on Wed. 2nd August, for rehearsals each day until they perform from the 8th – 12th August, which is the close of the pageant for 2023.

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Serving in the family cast is a labour of love and will involve making sacrifices. However, it can and should provide participants with a spiritual feast and a closer bond with our Saviour Jesus Christ. As families prepare themselves carefully and work together in this service, they can expect to draw closer to one another and feel increased happiness and other spiritual blessings in their lives.

Family casts will be required to provide their own accommodation, within 20 minutes of the Preston Temple site. They will also be required to provide their own transport and food for the duration of their service. We are currently investigating the possibility of a catering plan for cast members to opt into.

Family cast members will need to be physically well and able to move on and off and around the stage and perform simple dance steps to music. The rehearsal and performance schedule is very demanding and will fill approximately 10 hours of each day.

Costumes are an important part of the pageant and all family cast members will be required to provide their own costumes. Nearer the time, there will be suggestions for clothing and footwear and designs and patterns to help. Also, there may be people in your wards and stakes to support you in this.

Families with children and or youth may apply. We also welcome applications from couples and individuals.

Please fill in one application per family.

Family Support

Family Support volunteers  provide a safe, secure and enjoyable environment for the children in the brief moments when children are not required in the main rehearsal and at specific times during the live performances.

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Family Support volunteers will help with care and activities for children when they are not required to be involved in rehearsals of performances. Assistance is particularly required from 2-4pm on rehearsal dates as well as evenings. Whilst ideally, It is hoped that the volunteers could serve for a period of at least one week at a time, there is some flexibility for those who can assist.
(Please note, DBS checks may be required for this role.)

First Aid Support

The first aid team will ensure all volunteers and visitors to the site are provided with the correct care and attention should a medical situation arise.

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Time commitments are flexible for this role, but at least two First Aid volunteers will be required on site for rehearsals and performances at all times. Applications from healthcare professionals are particularly encouraged, but anyone with a First Aid certificate is welcome to apply.

Folk Band

Each evening during the country fair, a folk band provides the music for audience members to dance. Individuals who play folk instruments such as the violin, guitar, flute, drums, bass etc. are invited to apply.


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Please note, a video audition may be required for this role. The folk band will be required during the performance period (1-5th August and 8th to 12th August). The Folk Band can also be members of Family Cast or Choir. If interested in both, please fill out both application forms.

Hair and Make-up Support

Hair and Make-up volunteers will provide assistance to both the Core Cast and Family Cast as they prepare to portray the early British Saints.

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Volunteers will demonstrate how to create authentic period hairstyles and makeup to cast members and assist them in preparing for performances. Time commitments for this role are flexible and generally early evening before each Pageant performance. Individuals may be available one night or for a number of performances.

Health and Safety Coordinator

This role requires experienced and qualified professionals who will be invited to liaise with the pageant team in relation to keeping all volunteers and audience members safe for the duration of the rehearsals and performances.

Pageant Guides

Church member individuals or couples who can assist visitors from 6pm and during matinees.

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The Pageant Guides will be asked to help all of our Pageant visitors gain the most from the Pageant experience -putting them at ease by being able to direct our visitors to each of the Country Fair activities, toilets, food etc. as well as providing them with some basic information on the Pageant and the Church.

Production Assistants

This is an opportunity to learn and support the production team who organise the British Pageant production.

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The British Pageant leadership team are looking for two Production Assistants. This role is a key learning and service opportunity, entailing learning all you can about staging our sacred stories of faith as Latter-day Saints, and also serving to support in multiple ways. You will be working with the Production team, the Stage Managment team, and the Artistic Directors, to learn about all aspects of a production of this size, and also helping support where needs arise. So, you may be painting sets one day, helping back-stage the next, or running music for dance rehearsals also.

It can either be a full-time role for the length of the pageant or a job share to cover the time of rehearsals and staging (20th July - August 12th) and you need to be 18 and over to apply. There are also opportunities to be involved with rehearsals over the two bank holiday weekends in May (Sat 29th April - Mon 1st May & Sat 27th - Mon 29th May respectively).

Please indicate clearly on the application form that you are applying for the role of Production Assistant, and also include in your application in a few sentences what you think you can bring to the role, why you want to be involved in this way, and what you hope to give. If you have any questions about the role before applying please send them to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Deadlines for applications for this role are April 1st.

Security and Site Maintenance

Security and Site Maintenance volunteers will assist the staff of the Preston Temple in ensuring that the Pageant site remains safe and secure.

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Late nights will likely be required for this role, but profound spiritual blessings have attended those who have walked and watched over the sacred grounds on which the pageant will be performed. Security team members will be required from the moment the Marquee is erected (around mid-July 2022 until the time when it is removed after the event (around August 15th 2022). Members can serve for a day or several days at a time. Please specify preferred days of service on the application form and please indicate which (if any) night shifts you would be able to attend.

Social Media

Social media volunteers will be invited to continue to grow and develop awareness through creating campaigns publicising the preperation and performances of the British Pageant whilst maintinging brand consistency throughout all social media channels.

Technical Support / Set Designer / Set Construction / Prop Makers / Painters

Support from technical staff (lighting and sound), set constructors and painters will be essential in presenting the rich visual story of the advent  of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the British Isles. For any qualified set designers there is also scope to support in set design too

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Individuals with skills in any of these areas are welcome to apply and assignments will be made based on need. IThe lighting, sound and scenery enhances and supports the full production. We are keen to hear from those interested in sharing and developing talents in these specialist areas.

Work Crew

Interested in stage technical experience? The Work/Technical Crew is made up of around a fifteen or so youth and young adults aged 16 – 30.  Working together, the role is a physical role – moving around large set pieces, helping with lighting and sound and ensuring the pageant site and theatre is ready for each performance.

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Serving on the Work/Technical Crew is a fun, physically demanding and spiritually rewarding experience for those who are prepared to roll up their sleeves! Work Crew members are required for at least 10 days, and there is likely to be a group for each week of performances.

Work Crew Supervisors

Work crew supervisors oversee the work crew team with their schedules and stage assignments.

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The Work Crew Supervisors are young adults aged 21+ who can nurture and train the work crew alongside the work crew couples.

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