Family Cast

Serving in the family cast is a labour of love and will involve making sacrifices. However, it can and should provide participants with a spiritual feast and a closer bond with our Saviour Jesus Christ. As families prepare themselves carefully and work together in this service, they can expect to draw closer to one another and feel increased happiness and other spiritual blessings in their lives.

Family casts will be required to provide their own accommodation, within 20 minutes of the Preston Temple site. They will also be required to provide their own transport and food for the duration of their service. We are currently investigating the possibility of a catering plan for cast members to opt into.

Family cast members will need to be physically well and able to move on and off and around the stage and perform simple dance steps to music. The rehearsal and performance schedule is very demanding and will fill approximately 10 hours of each day.

Costumes are an important part of the pageant and all family cast members will be required to provide their own costumes. Nearer the time, there will be suggestions for clothing and footwear and designs and patterns to help. Also, there may be people in your wards and stakes to support you in this.

Families with children and or youth may apply. We also welcome applications from couples and individuals.

Please fill in one application per family.